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I reblog alot of pictures, things that make me laugh or giggle. I love taking pictures. Like art, music.I enjoy reading. I like to workout and do sports. Any tea is good tea...
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So I was induced yesterday(Sept.12) I had a beautiful baby girl

It was not the best of times because so much went down and I probably can’t tell you about the whole day since I can barely remember. It was a painful and exhausting journey until she was finally out. But once cleaned off and the swelling had gone down (on us both baby and I ) I could start to see her better, I am not the best shape possible as of right now and I should be getting some rest but instead I choose to tidy up this hospital room. 
Baby Helena was born at 12:58am September 13, she was a 8lbs baby girl and 20 long ( Big babyyy!!! and also longer since the pushing caused her to have a little cone head haha) We are still staying in the hospital for a 48hr. monitoring, and hubs is here with us.(at the moment baby is asleep on his chest how cute!!)  
I will try and post a few photos once I am out of the hospital and hopefully just a bit less hurt and a little more rested. 

“ Girl lemme drizzle pumpkin spice over your naked body and fuck you in a pile of leaves. ”

—    Me getting into the fall spirit (via weekendatchasons)

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<—This chick is getting induced tomorrow! So glad I will soon meet baby.

Omg…been laboring for about 2 weeks now… please please come out baby.



I know it’s not even my due date yet, but my doctor set me up for disappointment and anxiety when she said I could have her any minute and more likely before my due date.

Good luck with everything!!!!!!

Thanks…I’m starting to get really impatient. My dad even had his baby and I’m here sitting like c’mon bby.. melav27