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I reblog alot of pictures, things that make me laugh or giggle. I love taking pictures. Like art, music.I enjoy reading. I like to workout and do sports. Any tea is good tea...


Wow you’re so close to seeing your baby.. Thanks and yeah I am a stomach sleeper too, but it gets hard sleeping in my stomach because of how breathing has been lately :/

He set an alarm to eat ice cream at 2am..

He was looking forward to it..and the alarm did not go off this morning. He was soo upset this morning because he didn’t get to eat the ice cream at 2 am like he wanted. Kept showing me his phone to prove that he had set the alarm right. Oh my dear love, how bad I felt for you this morning :P


my entire life is me dropping things and whispering ‘fuck’

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Perk and not of being pregnant…

If you’re like me and had a small bossom, now it’s bigger. (Not huge or wayyy to big, but definitely bigger than I’m used to) But it also means your bras don’t fit all that great as they used to, and also your boobs poke out of every shirt you own with a semi low neckline. And if you always had big boobs congrats you’re a damn hero lol. It’s something to get used to specially when sleeping face down.

Things I'm bad at: singing
Things I do a lot: sing

“ Here is a new spiritual practice for you: don’t take your thoughts so seriously. ”

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